1:1 Coaching references


“My sessions with Emma have always been something to look forward to. She is a first class listener – hearing through the words to the bigger and more complex underlying issues. She reflects back with thoughtfulness, questions and kindness.  She uses a big toolkit of skills that have helped me hone in on issues to think about more deeply and ‘colour in’ my understanding of a situation. I recommend her highly.”

Lena Milosevic MBE

Chief Executive

“Emma has been my Executive Coach for the last 3 months. She is thoughtful and diligent in her approach; she listens intently and asks the right questions at the right time, guiding me to connect the dots and expose insights in a meaningful way. Emma is also very personable and it has been easy to build good rapport. I have found it particularly useful how she takes the time to understand my goals and learning objectives and allows time during the sessions to check-in on these goals – this has made each session both enjoyable and impactful. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Emma to anyone seeking a professional coach to aid their development. It has been a pleasure working with Emma and I look forward to continuing my journey with her.”

Lugano Kapembwa

Chief Executive

“Emma is a very perceptive and uplifting coach. With her strong legal background she had great insight to some questions I was pondering and I wasn’t expecting to gain so many good ideas and clarity in just a couple of sessions. I can highly recommend her for anyone working as General Counsel!”

Liina Laisio

Chief Legal Officer