About me

I am a politically and environmentally aware human, thinker, professional, former lawyer, sister, mother, daughter, and friend. I strive to align all that I do with my values, which include kindness, openness, fairness and curiosity.  I would like to look back on my career and life one day in the future, feeling sure that my work has increased kindness, and appreciation of difference, in the world of work and society.  I am filled with gratitude for the freedom I have to align with this purpose through a portfolio career as a coach, diversity and inclusion consultant, and the facilitator/moderator of meaningful conversations and events.

Why I do what I do

  • I coach because it brings me joy to create safe spaces for personal growth.
  • I facilitate because new insights and connection emerge from well curated dialogue.
  • I moderate because meaningful public discussion is an enabler of societal progress.
  • I consult and train in matters relating to diversity and inclusion, because I deeply care about creating, cherishing and nurturing diversity in the workplace and society at large.

My history: from General Counsel to Coach

I loved the energetic, technologically disruptive world of Google, Onfido, and innovative global tech. 19 years of corporate highs and lows form the foundations of my empathy and understanding for fellow professionals.

It was a natural move from human-centered lawyering to simply centering on the human.